Sartorial Saturday: Green & Black Edition

Green and black were my favourite colours to work with when I still played Magic: The Gathering. Not to mention that they are two of my all-time favourite colours. Actually I wanted to show you the awesome swap gifts I got recently, too (they match in colour), but I save them for a post after I mailed my swap gift, too.

Oh, and as you can see I finally found a spot in our flat to take outfit pictures at! I’ve got to work on the lighting, though…

I had to take an extra picture of my shoes, if I’m taking the pictures on this spot at the door via self timer they are rather… let’s face it, they are cut off.

Outfit Rundown:
– kerchief: not trackable anymore
– T-shirt: Takko
– longsleeve: Pimkie
– skirt: H&M
– tights: Waschbär
– rain boots: H&M

Accessoires Rundown:
– studs: Claire’s
– necklace: ???

This is one of my “typical” every day outfits, rather comfy but not without personal style. The key pieces in this case are the rain boots – I don’t wear them often, but I love the gaphical yet sweet look about them.


Any thoughts?

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