Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It really is. And here are some tips on how to stay warm, happy and cuddly on a dark winter’s night.

Clothing. One of the most basic (and that’s why it comes first) things you can do about being cold is of course to dress conciously. As often, the key is layering. I especially recommend wool or cotton tights, simple longsleeves over which you can wear your favourite T-shirts or cutsews, wristwarmers, legwarmers or gaiters, thick woolen socks, bloomers or cute shorts and additional hoodies or jumpers. This of course leaves out JSKs, onepieces, skirts and normal trousers, but I didn’t want mention the obvious neccessarily. In accessoires, the obvious – and here I can’t really avoid it – are scarves, fingerless gloves and all kinds of hats. Such things are often found in cute designs and even if you don’t find something to suite your taste they are easily decorated with bows, buttons and some lace.

Bathing (or hot showering if you don’t have a bathtub). One of my favourite ways to drive out the cold! Just make sure the water is hot enough (but not too hot) and you’ve got the heating on as well. I’d recommend chocolate or spice bath additives for winter especially. Something with orange might be nice, too. Combinable with other warming things, too, such as…

Tea. Any hot beverage will do (and you can also offer it to upset people), but spice tea such as chai is perfect. The spices don’t only add a certain autumnal or wintery feel to it but also will awaken your spirits a little bit (by stimulating your circuit). During the winter time most shops also offer some kind of mulled claret aroma tea or something cider-y.

Baking. If you don’t have heating in the kitchen just like us here in the little white house at the edge of the world it’s the perfect excuse to try a new walnut bread or cinnamon bisquit recipe. The heat that seeps out of the oven during the baking process will keep you warm and you’ve got something to nibble at afterwards.

Reading. One of my favourite activities during the coldest season is snuggling up in bed or my armchair with a blanket and reading out loud to the Scoundrel (and every other friend who happens to stop by). Reading out has become rather underestimated during the last eighty years, due to the high availability of other entertainment and media. As for the stories, we made it through the first Eddie Dickens book last year (read by Scoundrel) and The Exiles just recently and are thinking about the next book at the moment. I’d suggest nothing too serious, children’s books with a twist for grown-up readers (look for Neil Gaiman, Philipp Ardagh and Hillary McKay, for instance, the latter two being the authors of the aforementioned works) and children’s classics ( such as Anne of Green Gables, Huckleberry Finn or the ever-surreal Alice in Wonderland) are my favourites for reading out.

Cleaning. Another activity that I have found surprisingly sensible and quite handy. We’re talking the full program here, swab the decks (also known as floors) to dinnerplates, do the dishes, srcrub every corner of your home until it shines. It’s exercise and doing chores and avoiding additional heating all at once!

On heating: Growing up in very green households makes me want to avoid heating as much as possible. But I’m a very, very girlish one when it comes to the temperature of the bathroom, and I’m even using the heating on a low level in my bedroom during the day. Just make sure to let in enough fresh air once in a while! I usually have my window tilted when I sleep (and consequently the heating shut down) as I’m under covers and blankets and have a very high sleeping temperature anyways. The other occasional airing is done at best when you just come home from the colder outsides and aren’t wont to the warmth that a heated room provides anymore. This is the moment when I tear my windows wide open to let in the fresh air, and I shut them again when I’m acclimatised again

Oh, something that I forgot: Cuddle someone, even if it’s “just” you favourite teddy bear.


P.S.: Happy Winter ILD!


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