F Yeah Lolita: Back to Blogspot Giveaway

While I’m hosting a giveaway at the moment (don’t forget to participate!), I’m taking part in one for the first time (consciously, at least. I once did and won, but actually I had forgotten about the giveaway in the respective post and just commented innocently because of something else…).

Miss Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita fame changed her URL and moved back to Blogspot again and is now hosting a giveaway to spread the word (thy will be done…). If you don’t know her blog yet, you should definitely take a look! It provides solid information for Lolitas of every level, from absolute beginner to great old ones. I love how Miss Caro-chan doesn’t take the fashion too seriously, though, and her ironic “what could be the next big thing in Lolita?” post (which you can find here) together with “OTT Classic Lolita” (here) is one of my favourites of all the lolita-themed blog posts I’ve ever read.

So, I’m trying my luck with this giveaway. I especially adore the Classic Lolita set… Wish me luck! (Or try it yourself.)


Any thoughts?

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