Pre-Christmas Package from Home

Last week I received a parcel from my mother, just in time for Saint Nicholas Day. I’d jokingly complained earlier that Bambi receives parcels from his parents several times in a year, and she was so wonderful to send me one, too, how sweet of her!

She covered everything in small fir branches and mistle toe twigs. I love mistle toes, and so does she. A really fond childhood memory of mine  is a big, dried mistle toe bushel hanging over her sofa.
Now these are in a jar on my window sill decorated with the straw star and raindeer she sent with them.

Also, she sent me beeswax candles. Those are another point on my “why I could never go vegan” list. There’s nothing like the scent of hot beeswax in a cold winter’s night.
And of course there were sweets in for me, too. Chocolate covered lebkuchen hearts, peanuts, walnuts and two little chocolate Santas, I guess the latter from my grandmother.

And just in time when Scoundrel started to read Moominpappa at Sea to me my Grandmother also gave me a very pretty cross-stitch bookmark:

I still have no advent calendar (and maybe I’m not even getting myself one this year, and we decided not to put the large one up), but this is just as wonderful.

By the way: I’ll take entries for the giveaway until midnight (GMT +1) today and will then draw the winner from my new hat! Good luck!


One thought on “Pre-Christmas Package from Home

  1. Misteln! <3
    Die wachsen ja leider so gar nicht in meinem Heimatort und waren in Osnabrück auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt immer so schrecklich teuer…
    Aber nächstes Jahr will ich auch welche. Oder zumindest irgendwann mal.

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