10 Adorables in December

  1. Paper Days of Christmas, a project where the artists of Paperbicycle add a new pattern for a Christmas ornament on each Advent Sunday and several designs in the following week. I especially love the first one, but second and third are cute, too. And of course I’m looking forward to the very last one…
  2. Once Upon a Blog, aka. The Fairy Tale News Blog, is a wonderful piece of online culture that provides me with all the information and details of upcoming movies, books, fashion and other creative projects related to fairy tales.
  3. Jane and the Dragon. Albeit a Canadian children’s TV series (or maybe because of this…) the tales about a girl who wants to be a knight are really charming and not as loaded with clichés as one could expect. It has moments of everybody shines, a great, folky theme song, and such cute fantasy designs, I just have to love it! You can watch the first episode here.
  4. Mistletoes. Who doesn’t love them? I wanted to hang the ones that my mother sent me over my bed to dry, but now they look so pretty in my Christmas bouquet that I can’t just take them away again.
  5. The Fair Adventure by Elizabeth Janet Gray. A girls book from the 1950s it tells the tale of 16-year-old Serena Page, youngest of the five McNeil children, searching for her way during a hot summer in her native town of Little Athens, Virginia. I loved how the author made the vintage South so real for me, and I loved the chaotic McNeil family. Somehow the book reminded me of Astrid Lindgren’s Britt-Mari (which was actually never translated into English, which is a shame), but I found the characters even more lively.
  6. The book swapping board at our supermarket. That’s actually where I found The Fair Adventure. And some other books of interest. And where I brought all the books I didn’t need anymore. My boards are still full, but I think there is another box I could spare.
  7. Canadian Smocking. My grandmother has a Canadian smocked pillow on her sofa, and I always admired it. Now Burda has given me the right tutorial to copy it for my own bed!
  8. Cellophane biscuit bags. I didn’t make any biscuits this year (yet), but I got me the bags. I love the rustling of the thin plastic, and mine have golden stripes or stars respectively.
  9. Brandi Milne. Teli made me the cutest Christmas card ever (I’ve got to get a bit of string to hang my cards across the room just like we do at home) with a motif from Brandi’s portfolio site. She’s got a good amount of gory, bloody and creepy, but some of her designs are downright cute and beautiful. I could also imagine her pictures as tattoos very well, some of them simply scream “have me inked all over your body” to me.
  10. Whole-grain bread with chocolate spread. It’s like a snack bar, but healthier, cheaper and tastier.

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