New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! I hope all of you made the passage into 2012 happily and the way you wanted to and had a Happy Hogswatch yesterday, too! I celebrated with Jules, his prince charming, Imp and of course Scoundrel eating raclette in the latter’s wonderful kitchen, watching Dinner for One, nipping at cocktails Jules made and blowing up Imp’s working models from his study of architecture. The only thing that was a rather bitter during the evening was that I lost a strand of hair (and my scalp got a bit burned, too. I was incredibly not enthusiastic about that.) to a awry-gone firecracker, but luckily the damage is barely visible and it doesn’t hurt anymore (most of it was the shock, I guess). But for next year I’m going to sew myself a leather cap with goblin ears (simply because I can) for events like this, which brings me to the actual matter of this post as it relates to No. 1 and 5 alike…

  1. More Fairy Tales. Since I started reading Once upon a Blog and Folk & Fairy (again), started to watch Once Upon a Time and am trying to think up a fairy tale-inspired design for a skirt at the moment I noticed how little I have been in my personal fairy tale during the last year! Sure, it was full of stress, trials and tribulations, but that is surely no reason to let yourself down with the depression and ground your inner child and fairy tale character! Expect projects! I also hope that my group is taking up Changeling again in concerns of RPG, and maybe I’ll find the right adventure path for my Grimm game in 2012.
  2. More Sleep. I’ve been so tired all last year! This resolution also includes the jalousies for my bedroom that have been planned for much too long now. As much as I like the warm glow of the street light outside my window, I’d like to have my chamber darkened though the night.
  3. More Baking (and Cooking!). I’ve done next to nothing during 2011, which is horrible! Back in the day I used to bake every week, and even if I won’t return to this regularity I’m going to try new recipes and combinations. It’s my kind of cauldron magic, and I’ve got sweets afterwards, so everything’s perfect. As for the cooking part I noticed how much fun I used to have with it when I prepared dinner for Jules and me on Boxing Day.
  4. More Music. The same thing as baking, I’ve neglected my music project with Imp far too much. And not only this, I think I touched my flute not once all year, and also only got on the piano during the holidays! This must end, and so I’m going to schedule myself some sort of music time each week.
  5. More Arts & Crafts. I want to finally start a comic project I’m not tired of after some weeks. My biggest problem is that I instantly plan for Silmarillion-like sagas each time an idea strikes me. I’m trying to start small this time so the outlook on the Mount Everest of work still to do won’t crush me again. Also, I need a new wardrobe (partially, at least), and my Fairy Tales resolution fits in this one, too. Additionally – not as a resolution, but anyway – I want to make a new header for this blog. (Overall, this also means more drawings giveaways! ^^)

How did you celebrate the passing of the last year? Did you make any new year’s resolutions? And what would you like to see on Teaparties & Fairytales in 2012?


One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions 2012

  1. Meine Vorsätze sind deinen eigentlich sehr ähnlich. ;) Dir scheint es ja ähnlich wie mir zu gehen, dass deine Hobbys im letzten Jahr etwas zu kurz gekommen sind. Das möchte ich bei mir dieses Jahr auf jeden Fall ändern.

    Übrigens finde ich die thematische Mischung deines Blogs so gut, wie sie ist.

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