Artwork Monday

I draw and paint mostly on Mondays. This is mainly because Scoundrel normally spends this day with his best friend – the Elfin One – and I like a day for myself once a week. I’m more productive when I’m alone.

Drawing more means more pictures I can show you, and this is exactly what I’ll do on Artwork Mondays. I won’t make it a weekly installment, I know that I can’t keep up with those. But every now and then will be possible, and it even correlates with one of my resolutions for this year.

Enough with the talking, I know you want pictures. Erm, a picture.

It’s more or less an experiment, and I noticed too late that the paper was definitely not right for water colour. I’m not entirely pleased, but I do like how the letter parts in the last panel came out. If I’m feeling like it some day I’ll draw it again, gladly I’ve got the inked-for-lightbox-sketch still.

You can see the picture full-sized here.


Any thoughts?

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