My First Bentō Post

It’s not an impressive one, but at least it is!

After I forgot to take pictures of my first bentō lunches I managed to remember in time last Saturday when I went off  to Frankfurt.*

But I haven’t shown you my bentō boxes yet! It’s the red and the blue Urara box from bentoshop, nothing too special, but I like them.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so the pictures aren’t so perfect. I’m sorry.

In my blue box I had an orange, chocolate-covered coffee beans and curry rice.
Matched I had another orange, mulled wine jelly stars (my favourites!) and the curry sauce in the red box.

While this is far from o-bentō, it’s a good start and I think I’ll get better at making these. Oh, and actually I found a picture of my first bentō somewhere on my computer!

Pasta, Grana Padano, apples and pesto.

I’m already thinking about getting a third “real” box and some smaller ones for extra fruit, and I got some really cure biscuit cutters around Yuletide, so expect more to come!

– – –

* Jules had his second fashion show – well, the one he organises and provides several outfits for – and I modeled for him, the 1901 riding suit (with a skirt, of course, and I only call it a riding suit because I think the name fits) he made for me about two years ago. Sadly I don’t have any pictures yet, but surely they’ll come in soon.


One thought on “My First Bentō Post

  1. I love the idea of your last bento! I’ve always had this preconceived notion that everything in a bento box must be Japanese food. Sure, it’s fun, but once I get a bento box, I think I might do pasta! :D

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