New Stuff

The post title might be a bit prosaic, but I’ll make up for that with the pictures I took of said new stuff.
Recently I made an order at together with Bambi, Teli and another friend of mine, Konstantin (who’s currently in Ireland and hence hasn’t got his things yet).

I needed some leather for one or two projects to come, and Lederkram conveniently sells their leather scraps by the kilo. Bigger scraps than about the size of my hand would have been better and easier to work with, but it’s fine this way, too.

To satisfy my inner magpie – most of us have one, I think, but longing for different things, maybe – I also got two new pendants. The first one is a citrine crystal, not a good one, mind you, but it’s pretty and now it’s mine.

The other one is a hare trinity (or simply “three hares”, but I also like the term “Tinner’s Rabbits”). While I could go on now about what it means to me I’ll just state that I like it in an aesthetic way and it’s the thing tied around my neck most often at the moment.

And I also made a purchase at promod lately, as I needed a blouse to wear to Jules’ show as well as just because I liked it. It’s ivory coloured and still a little crumpled from being in my backpack, but I was too eager to write this post to iron it before I took the pictures.

I love the details in this collection. I’ve got several pieces in my wardrobe now and I’m stunned again every time when I look at them.


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