10 Adorables in February

  1. Ribonita, an Etsy shop with the cutest Mori Girl designs and paper dolls. I especially love her woodland girls deer, fox and rabbit.
  2. RIPTapparel. It’s pretty much the same concept as Teefury (their printing technique is not as perfect as Teefury’s, but still quite good), but if you check both, you’ve got two (most of the time) nerdy motives to choose from every day. I just got my most recent tee last week!
  3. Our Washing Machine that’s working again! You don’t know what you’ve got in a working washing machine until it’s broken…
  4. Take On Me, the song by a-ha, but not played by a-ha but by a North Korean accordeon quintet.
  5. PrettyCute Magazine, a Lolita online magazine edited by a group of Dutch girls. There are two issues so far, but I think the mag has quite a future ahead. It was about time to fill the footsteps of Sucrerie magazine!
  6. The Riddler from the Batman comics. Since the most known and loved Batman villains are the Joker and Catwoman to date, Riddler, Twoface and Poison Ivy get far less love than they deserve. Who couldn’t love a villain with a green bowler hat and a soft spot for conundrums? Well, riddle me that.
  7. Apple Sauce. Especially with egg noodles with cooked ham fried in a pan (with the mandatory onion). Sounds strange, tastes wonderful. Actually it’s one of my favourite foods the whole year round, even though I usually don’t eat any kind of processed fruit (there are a few other exceptions, stress on “few”).
  8. Gudrun Sjödén. I’ve been told several times that the designs of this Swedish label would really fit my style, and when I came into my mother’s kitchen about a week ago there was one of their old catalogues. I spent the rest of the evening reading it over and over again, and I think it’s a perfect source of inspiration (and clothing, of course) for Mori Girl fashion.
  9. Drakensang. The fourth of to date six PC games set in the fantasy RPC world of The Dark Eye (also known as DSA in Germany), it has been out since 2008. I started playing about two years ago, and after a long break I’m back on track again. I just love the carefully constructed universe of DSA,  and Drakensang really made me wanna play the P&P version again.
  10. Retro Rack, Gail Carriger’s witty, wonderful, awesome (retro) fashion blog. God, I love this woman. Make sure to read her Parasol Protectorate books, too!

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