Three Years

Wow. My third Hedgefairy anniversary!

I think of a blog as a very interesting project. Not only can I use it to show the world who I am – or who I’d like to be -, but also is it fascinating how it changes and evolves over the years, together with its writer. Sometimes I go back to my first posts from when I was 19 and wonder if I have changed notably for everyone else, too. As we rarely see change when we’re dealing with the changing person or project every day after a while…

As for the stats I’ve got roughly a 40 views average a day, in my first year it was only 6! My overall views for this year, however short it might be are about double of the overall views of my whole first year, 2009!
Which can only mean one thing:
There are actually people who are interested in what I write. Yay!

So: Thank you, all of you, my dear readers, for three years of Teaparties & Fairytales. May it grow during the next twelve months even more, and may you still be reading it when the title announces the next anniversary.


P.S.: AND this is my 401st post! So many reasonst for a giveaway… so you better watch out!


3 thoughts on “Three Years

    1. Welcome and thank you! And I’ll give the congratulations right back, your blog had an anniversary too, as I see. :)
      (Maybe February is a good month for starting blogs…)
      Oh, and I love your hair!

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