Something British, Something Pink, Something Giant and Something Yet Unknown

Jules’s stayed over the weekend, and as it always happens our meeting up in Frankfurt ended up being a shopping tour.

Something British: When we noticed that it was Friday we took a little trip to the stock exchange where the Schiller market takes place once a week. There’s that one market stall that sells British imports, mainly food, and it’s traditional for us to stop by and get some Cadbury chocolate. The stickers and badge are from Accessorize, I figured that a Union Jack heart would make a nice addition to my badge collection.

Something Pink: I was rather shocked when I realised that I had NO rose-coloured nail polish! Not that I wear anything else than clear on a regular basis, but it’s a point of principle. Why I actually bought fabric tape is a conundrum to me, but maybe it will be involved in the “Something Yet Unknown” project.

Something Giant: I already own the mermaid and dragon parts of this series and it was down to about a quarter of the original price. Even though Jules cringed a little when he had to let me go into a book store (he always fears that he has to spend the rest of the day there if I make it inside) I had to buy it.

Something Unknown: A large fabric sticker of sage green colour (sadly the photograph didn’t really get it right) and two faux leather labels. You may now make an educated guess about the purpose of these things.


5 thoughts on “Something British, Something Pink, Something Giant and Something Yet Unknown

  1. The jacket you are wearing in the photo – did you buy it some years ago at the H&M and is it made of unevenly striped corduroy? It looks exactly like mine.

      1. kennst du die modische zeitreise? auch wenn die klamotten zumeist übertrieben teuer sind (so a la manufactum) lohnt sich der blich zur inspiration… angeblich soll es ja menschen im grünen geben, die des nähens fähig sind, die sich solche sachen auch selber nähen können…
        nach einem sonnigen tag in der hängematte direkt am eigenen mühlbach grüße in den nächtlichen süden


  2. @ Verschollen am Mühlbach: Menno, ich will auch ‘ne Hängematte. Dass dawanda eine Zeitleiste hat, wusste ich noch gar nicht… Mist. Wieder ein Bookmark mehr zum Geldausgeben. Danke! ^^

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