10 Adorables in March

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, a tumblr by Siren, who makes wonderful, unique and nerdy Lolita designs.
  2. Neosens Shoes. Their designs are awesome, especially the Rococo series.
  3. Patrice. While I have been quite fond of dancehall since I know it I wasn’t such a big fan of reggae music until Scoundrel made me listen to said artist. His music is very, very soft, and mostly calm (especially compared to my dancehall favourites Irie Révoltés and Seeed).
  4. Dogs. I think I never mentioned on this blog how much I love dogs.
  5. Handmade Cupons, Carnival Style. I found the idea here and I think I’m going to make some, someday. Maybe for birthdays, no more stress with greeting cards anymore.
  6. Fixing Things. The hard part abouth fixing things is not starting, but finishing it. But now my felt house boots have soles again and I’ve got blinds at my windown.
  7. Warehouse 13. I just started watching yesterday when I needed something to bridge the time between Grimm and Once releases, and the Captain had often recommended this series. Five episodes later I’m a devoted fan. It’s like a remake of Relic Hunter (only far, far better) with some hints of The Dresden Files (the female lead even starred in this far too short adaption of the novels, as vampire queen Bianca) and one or another large chunk of Steampunk thrown in, how could I not love it?
  8. Uludağ. While the last letter in this word stays unpronounced it means a mountain in Turkey as well as some lort of lemonade that tastes mostly like liquid chewing gum. It comes in green bottles and was actually the only kind of sugary drink I was (sometimes, and not in vast amounts) allowed to drink during my childhood – probably because it was Turkish and my mother opted for a multicultural upbringing. No, I’m not making this up.
  9. Storing Things in Preserving Jars.
  10. Anthropomorphic Animals, especially in Victorian garb. While I’m completely against real animals in clothing I love the illustrated walking and talking and pretty much human-being ones.

Any thoughts?

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