Vintage Flora Giveaway

I’ve been reading a lot of vintage love blogs lately. When I thought about ways to incorporate a little bit of vintage to my own outfits without a lot of expense (my camera just broke, so shopping isn’t really an option at the moment) and time (I still have an essay to write), something sprang to my mind: A small album about German fauna and flora that I’d picked up at the books swapping board some time ago because of the illustrations. I had no precise idea what to do with it before, greeting cards maybe, but now it was clear as day to me: Badges. I love badges.
Of course not all pictures got pressed between foil and metal (but there are more to come). But two sets are ready to be given away in celebration of my blog’s third anniversary, over 400 posts and springtime!

“Floral” set

“Herbal” set

Two sets (which means two winners!) of three 3cm badges (badge-it style, which means fixed safety pins instead of a “normal” badge pin) each with vintage botanicals from a 1964 scrapbook. They’ll come on a small stripe of leather, for extra security during the shipping process.

How to enter:

If you’d like to win this giveaway, just leave a comment, and if you’d prefer one set over the other, write that down, too. I can’t guarantee that the winners will get the set they wanted more, but it’s a little more likely.
For a second lot, write about the giveaway on your own blog, link back to it and tell me in the comment’s section (not necessarily in your initial comment) so that I won’t overlook it by any chance.

Deadline for participating is next Monday, 2nd of April.

Good Luck!


9 thoughts on “Vintage Flora Giveaway

  1. How sweet. :)
    Reminds me I still have a set of gift wrapping paper decorated with floral prints from somewhere inbetween 1700 to 1900 – I can’t remember.
    I guess those would look gorgeous too as a set of buttons…
    Eh, why am I writing in English, anyway?! XD

  2. Oh, kann das sein, dass ich dein Blog noch gar nicht kannte?! Ich spiele natürlich auch mit! Schwere Entscheidung, aber ich glaube, ich mag die Blumen-Buttons einen Tick lieber als die mit mit Kräutern. =)

  3. Ich finde die auch total schön (die Kräuter besonders) :)
    Und das ist nebenbei eine gute Idee für so alte Bücher.. vielleicht hätte ich einige doch nicht entsorgen sollen *g*

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