Projects for April

I’ve got this idea from Selene. To cope with my problem of starting and not finishing projects I’ll make a list of 10 projects for every month and try to get on with them. Others are allowed, too, of course, but these 10 are of priority. Most of them are ones I’ve got the materials for, and I decided not to limit them to sewing but also get some fine art and other crafts projects done. I’ll draw a resumé at the end of April, and then we’ll see if it got me somewhere or is just another list to gather virtual dust on my blog.

  1. – pink-white striped wrap top
  2. – harem pants
  3. – cosplay outfit for RPC
  4. – new ren fair outfit
  5. – garden skirt
  6. – painting for Teli
  7. – late birthday present for the Elfin One
  8. – alter brown summer pants (with step-by-step pictures!)
  9. – RIPT pillow cover
  10. – plaque rat wife beater

P.S.: There’s still time to participate in the recent giveaway! Good Luck!


4 thoughts on “Projects for April

    1. Ja, ich hoffe, es wird was. Normalerweise hab’ ich nämlich ziemliches Projekt-ADS… was natürlich blöd ist. Aber ich hab ein gutes Gefühl. ^^

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