10 Adorables in April

  1. The Human Equation, a concept album (which could also count as a musical) by dutch prog musician Ayreon that describes 20 days in the life of a coma patient, his inner monologues and his surroundings. I’m still not sure, but I think my favourite part is Day 7: Hope. Or maybe Day 2: Isolation? Or Day 12: Trauma? I don’t know.
  2. MousesHouses. Wonderfully whimsical scenes from what could be a more city-like pendant of Brambly Hedge.
  3. My Second Anniversary with the Scoundrel.
  4. La Sardina Camera. Since my camera broke last month (well, actually it miraculously started working again. I’ve got no clue what happened there, but I’m happy, of course) I’ve been looking for possible substitutes. La Sardina is not really an option, but I love the design, especially of this one, this and this.
  5. My Mother finally has an e-mail adress. Now I can simply send her my pictures instead of piling them up until I visit her again.
  6. Merlin, the BBC Wales series. Yes, it’s incredibly not historically correct, but it’s cute anyway.
  7. Herringbone Braids, because I finally learned how to do them.
  8. Blutsgeschwister, a German indie label with strong inspiration from traditional German clothing and awesome prints.
  9. Jellyfishes in Bottles. This may sound cruel but actually it’s just a really cute recycling tutorial.
  10. Getting Up and Dressed to the sound of La Vie en Rose.

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