Earning No. 101 (and No. 28): The Sequel

Or: “Look, I made Food!”

Pancake day is long over (since March 8th, to be exact), but as we like pancakes here in Greenwhite Corner I made some yesterday.

I’m sorry about the photographs being rather dark and un-elaborate, but I was far to concerned not to eat the pancakes I was about to picture.

The recipe is a rather simple one:

For 2 people you’ll need:

– 250 g flour
– 1/2 l milk
– 4 eggs
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 pinch of sugar

Mix all ingredients, heat a frying pan (preferably a non-stick one) – I use maximum heat – and pour a ladle (one of the big ones used for soup) of the very liquid dough into the pan. Let it bake until the upper side turns a little more solid – you’ll know the moment -, then turn the pancake. You might try flipping it through the air, which takes some practise, but don’t be afraid of trying. The probably worst outcome is a crumbled pancake on the rim of your pan, and the main difficulty is daring to actually throw the pancake with enough force.
Bake until the other side is somewhere between golden and light brown, too, then shove the pancake onto a plate and cover it with a large bowl (or put it in a pre-heated oven) to keep it warm. Proceed alike with the rest of the dough.

One variant is to spread some grated cheese on one half of the pancake just after the flipping and then fold the other half over. I also spice my cheese pancakes with herbes de Provence, dried basil and a bit of salt and pepper.

This variant tastes surprisingly good with maple syrup.

My other favourite variant is to spread apple juice over the pancake and roll it up. Yummy.

I really hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ♥


Any thoughts?

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