Quick and Dirty

Yes. They still need a new home.

Maybe I sould admit my defeat. Maybe I should just keep them. Or maybe – and that’s what I’ll actually do – I’ll give them to the first person to comment on this post.

So hurry up, I want to ship these today!

Edit: There is already one comment below, but as it was a fun post by Centi the herbal set goes to comment no. 2!


6 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty

  1. Schmeiß’ sie einfach mit zu meinen, das spart Porto. Nein, ich will ja nicht raffgierig aussehen – ich mach dem 2. Kommentator Platz. ;-)
    Aber schon komisch, dass sich die Leute nicht melden!

  2. Great that these finally found a home. I felt sad for you when you asked what you should do about your give away winners not contacting you.. i mean this are really lovely and I only didn’t try to win them because I so rarely use buttons… because i’m always afraid of loosing them I only stick them at my curtains at home and I thought these buttons deserve to get some fresh air too ;)

Any thoughts?

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