Interludium: Aww, a Blog Award!

My first one, actually!

Dear Wollmaus gave me a One Lovely Blog award, thank you so much!

With great awards comes great responsibility, and therefore there are two rules:

1. List seven things about yourself.
2. Give the award to as many other bloggers that you think deserve it.*

All right, seven things about me (that you maybe didn’t know yet):

1. I am latex and lactose intolerant, and I especially hate the latter.
2. All of my three favourite plush companions have a name starting with H.
3. I like to get things done in the morning. If I get myself out of the bed early enough to get started I can go all day, but if I miss that certain phase it’s rather likely that I do nothing at all.
4. I’m growing out my dyed hair at the moment as I’m curious to see how I look with my dishwater blond now (after about ten years of dye) and my henna red was getting too dark for me due to the several layers. I’m still using non-permanent colour mousse to keep it from showing, otherwise I’d be annoyed so soon by my roots that I’d dye again. I’ll probably give up and henna again in a month or two, but at least I’m trying. ^^
5. I don’t have a driver’s license and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. I prefer going by train most of the time anyway.
6. The nicest name calling I ever received was that I were “annoyingly over-sophisticated”. Ironically I got this from a person I deem much more sophisticated than myself.
7. I’m shy, but nobody believes me when I say so.

And now I’ll give this award to…

Zelde from Indigobirds, who really writes one lovely blog. I enjoy reading her musings every day (and am glad that she posts so regularly, too ^^).

A Colder Sun from Beyond the Veil, because she takes such pretty pictures and is the fragile, fairy-like creature I sometimes long to be but never will.

Sophia from Fräulein Jabberwocky’s, because I really like her style and we’ve got a lot of fashion interests in common, like Steampunk and Mori Girl, which I appreciate, of course.

Megan from Make Lovely, whose nerdy Lolita ways are simply awesome.

And that’s it, everyone else I could think of already had the award or I know that they don’t like to be tagged – which this award is, kind of.

– – – – – – –

* All right, it was 15 originally, but it’s rather hard to find enough people who like tags or haven’t had it already. I know that this award is rather like a tag, but when you’re forced to nominate so many people it’s more of a punishment than a reward. It’s a bit weird to write something like that, I’m aware.


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