The April Projects – Results

Remember the list I posted last month? Well, April is nearly through and I must say: I think it was rather optimistic of me to think I could do all that. Not that I feel any remorse, at least I tried. And I’ve got the perfect excuse: The beginning of the new semester, choosing lectures and courses, comparing time tables for cafeteria days with friends and the like really took its time. That’s also the reason why I’ve been rather quiet lately, but it all started well and I finally decided to stick with archeology through my B.A. as my major. The process that lead me there was a little bit like coming home, but that’s not for this post. I’ll cover that later, maybe.

What is for this post is the resumé on my list for April’s Projects!

  1. – pink-white striped wrap top: No. I actually do have the material, but I hadn’t the time. But it’ll make it’s way to May’s list, surely.
  2. – harem pants: No. Same as above.
  3. – cosplay outfit for RPC: YES! Actually that was the main project for April and would have taken up a list of its own. I’ll report to you after the convention, and hopefully I’ll have pictures to show you, too!
  4. – new ren fair outfit: No. But I didn’t make it to the fair anyway, so I had time to concentrate on the cosplay.
  5. – garden skirt: No. May list, as well.
  6. – painting for Teli: No. Not yet.
  7. – late birthday present for the Elfin One: No. I’m horrible at delivering birthday presents in time or at least only half a year after the day.
  8. – alter brown summer pants: Yes, even though without the step-by-step pictures.
  9. – RIPT pillow cover: Yes! Featured in the picture above. Not exhaustingly so, though, as I don’t want to take away the possibility of a real project post. ^^
  10. – plaque rat wife beater: No.

Result: 3/7

I should have split up the cosplay into several points, but overall I’m okay with the outcome of this first list. Let’s hope I’ll do better in May!


Any thoughts?

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