Projects for May

I love how the colours of these fabrics work together ♥

I’ve dragged a lot of the April Projects on to May. As mentioned before, the cosplay was about five projects alone. So I just copied the list, took one down and added four new projects at the end:

  1. – pink-white striped wrap top
  2. – harem pants
  3. – new ren fair outfit
  4. – garden skirt
  5. – painting for Teli
  6. – late birthday present for the Elfin One
  7. – time table
  8. – door curtain
  9. – summer pajama
  10. – flannel dress

I already think that I’ll drag the ren fair outfit on again, but I’ll at least certainly try!


4 thoughts on “Projects for May

    1. Nee, du hast auch insgesamt nicht wirklich was verpasst. Danke für den Link, sieht super aus. :)

  1. neue wohnung (+)
    zeit in hängematte (+)
    garten genießen (+)
    referat noch immer nocht vorbereitet (-)
    motivation es noch vorzubereiten (-) !

Any thoughts?

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