Sartorial Saturday: University Girl

When you read this, I’m in Cologne and hopefully standing in line already for my ticket to the RPC (or Role Play Convention), Germany’s largest RPG con.

Nevertheless, I’m back again with a Sartorial Saturday and the hopes for more in the future. I found that there are several places on campus with good spots for the self-timer and enough light to take photos, so maybe I’ll be able to stick to it this time. ^^

Outfit Rundown:
– T-shirt: C&A
– trousers: Orsay
– shoes: Waschbär

It’s a rather simple look, but I love how much I can do with accessoires here. These linen trousers are a favourite pair of mine, by the way, and overall is this the kind of outfit you find me most often with lately. It’s not that I don’t like Lolita and Mori anymore, I just have to do something about my wardrobe. ^^

Accessoires Rundown:
– bag: long time ago in a punk shop far, far away…
– rubber wristbands: Emilie Autumn merchandise
– black creole/ black and silver stud: Bijou Brigitte/ christmas marke stall, probably
– Union Jack badge: Accessorize
– coral necklace: heirloom, antique
– plastic bird needle: heirloom, vintage
– hair band (sadly not really visible, but blue tartan): selfmade from a strip of fabric


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