What I Actually Do At The Moment

I feel like I’ve written rather little here lately. Actually, I just checked and recognised that I’m still good with averagely one post every five days this month, but it feels less. In good times I write twice or three articles a week, so about one per week seems not so much to me.

But don’t worry, I won’t give up the blog! (Just in case you wondered. So many blogs I loved stopped updating or even shut down during the last few months, it’s like an epidemic.)

I also feel a little sorry for my projects list. It doesn’t seem to get any better with my stacking up the ideas and projects month after month and still not finishing them. Well, I’m just rather busy at the moment – I feel like I never had such an amount of homework during my university career before! I don’t say it is a lot, it just feels like it.

I’ll hopefully be back with livelier words after my presentation tomorrow which is the “what I do” from the title. I’m reading. A lot. About early bronze age axe depots. And I’m drinking coffee. As you can see above, together with my research copies.

I hope you’re having an awesome time meanwhile!


Any thoughts?

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