10 Adorables in May


  1. Audio Books. When I was working on my costume for the RPC last month I listened to the very first Harry Potter book which my darling girl Charlie lend me. Not only had I the joy to relive the very first adventure of the Golden Trio, I also had it read to me by Rufus Beck who did the German edition and will always stay in my mind as the voice of all these characters I grew up with.
  2. Gold Glitter. Somehow I’ve taken a sort of liking to golden glitter things. I fear I’ll really need a pair of instant glamour glitter boots sometime soon.
  3. Performing Well at Uni. My first and only presentation for this semester is done, and I’ve done quite well, I dare say. The other tests will be exams in late June, so I’ve got some time to do all the things I want to do else than to learn Neolithic culture groups.
  4. The Architectural Design of Bath Abbey. Awesome. I think I’ll need a t-shirt with a Bath Abbey print.
  5. Game of Thrones. Yes, I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon. At first I found it truly horrible (the expectations were rather high as so many people around me joined the hype. I’m not so good at understanding hypes, actually.), and I still think that a good deal of the recurring characters are vastly annoying and there’s a little too much of explicit bloodshed, but actually I wouldn’t want to miss my weekly dose of epic fantasy anymore. And I might even read the books some day.
  6. Self-mixed Cereals. As you can see, my breakfast is mainly made of oatmeal, puffed amaranth and chocolate oatmeal crunchies. May contain nuts (hopefully).
  7. Filling a Sketchbook. (Though I’m not completely done. Yet.)
  8. Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads. My thanks go to achttag for this wonderful link. I think my favourites are the two small stone pillars and the wall.
  9. Pipe Shelves by Possum Belly. Isn’t that design awesome? I wish I had the space for something like these! I think I’ll keep them in mind, for later homes.
  10. New Soul by Yael Naim. I’ve been completely in love with the harmonies and the video for years now. I’m really fixed on things like this, and this kind of harmony with acoustics, especially piano, feels to me like the sun breaking trough the clouds.

4 thoughts on “10 Adorables in May

  1. Die Harry Potter-Hörbücher sind klasse, das stimmt.
    Dumm nur, dass man danach niemals ein anderes Hörbuch anhören kann, das von Rufus Beck gelesen wird… ich habe mal eins von den Tod-Büchern von Pratchett ein paar Minuten angehört und dann ausgemacht, weil der Tod glaube ich klang wie Voldemort und überhaupt das Potter-déjà-vu alles ruiniert hat. ^^

    1. Das geht meinem Freund mit Hörbüchern von Harry Rowohlt so. Bei “Wind in den Weiden” musste er die ganze Zeit an “Pu der Bär” denken.
      Die Pratchett-Bücher kommen bei mir als nächstes, allerdings auf Englisch und damit zum Glück ohne Verwechslungsgefahr. ^^

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