Favourite Words in June ’12

  1. clef. The first time I read this word was in a CLAMP manga in which one of the characters was named like this.
  2. chaff. Awesome, isn’t it? It’s a rough word, not really pretty, but there is something about it.
  3. naprún. Irish for apron. Sometimes words get stuck in my head, and this is one. I don’t even think of the word in another language when I see an apron.
  4. bobbin. Sounds like something that’s hopping and skipping. Actually, bobbins do that.
  5. la pluie. The article had to be there. French for rain. It sounds far more cheerful that plain old rain, more dancing, I think.

4 thoughts on “Favourite Words in June ’12

    1. Incredibly so. I don’t think I could be mad at a word like bobbin, if one could be angry with words, that is.

Any thoughts?

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