One Week of Breakfast

The idea occurred to me last Saturday while I was cleaning my french press and pondering about my relationship with the first meal of the day.

I’m a horrible partner.

Most of the time I prefer to throw my cereals into what bowl ever crosses my path, drown it in milk* and dig in while I’m surfing the nets for something completely unrelated, mostly not even drinking tea, but dull tap water. Coffee is a rare treat, and when I make some it’s strong enough to get a spoon stuck in it – I drink mine black and without sugar, so no excuses here – and afterwards I’m positively vibrating. Not very nice.
And all this albeit breakfast is so important!

This was the very moment this post was born. When I’m alone and no-one’s watching, I don’t really care about my breakfast. As I like to spend my mornings on my own I had to find a way to care more, so I decided to train myself to having nicer breakfasts. By blogging about them.


boiled egg with soldiers, rose-flavoured black tea, boiled ham toast


pineapple with yoghurt, rose-flavoured black tea, small croissants, cocoa


nectarines, honey rolls, green tea


nectarine, quark with herbs and boiled eggs (leftovers from the baked potatoes of Tuesday’s dinner), orange juice


boiled eggs and soldiers, rose-flavoured black tea




leftover pasta salad, liquorice spice tea


smoked salmon on white bread, rose-flavoured black tea, dark chocolate spread on white bread

Well, I’m a bit ashamed of my Thursday breakfast this week, but I might add that I simply forgot about breakfast until there was only half an hour left to my cafeteria date. But the rest of it… well, it worked! I don’t think this will make it as a weekly installment (I’m not good at these, anyway), but maybe, from time to time… And, of course, taking pictures of delicious food is fun. :)


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