Artwork Monday: Birthday Card – Artist (+ Postage Stamp)

Someone I know who happens to be an awesome artist celebrated his birthday last week, and actually I just wanted to leave him a message on facebook, but it seemed so dull just to write what everyone else had written.  So I started sketching around, just a little, spontaneous something (a mutual friend had left an awesome e-card on his wall, that’s how the idea of leaving a picture came to be anyway), and at some point it seemed to be more work to stop now than to finish it the right way.
Instead of candles in an appropriate number I used artist’s tools and sparklers (oh, and three actual candles!), and I think I rather like the idea.

I’m glad to say that he liked it. It would have been ridiculous to sendthe card via snail mail today (so he wouldn’t have the virtual version only), us living in the same town and all, but I’m lazy, and he (and his awesome wife My, congratulations again!) is on the hill, so I’m going to drop by his best friend who lives closer to my place and’ll use him as a letter box.
Long story short, I needed an envelope and have always loved to make up postage stamps. My nickname for his best friend is Unicorn Boy (not because he particularly likes unicorns or is sparkly or pastel, but because he is a unicorn, in the cool, stompy, wild medieval kind of way, save the virgins. Well, mainly because he has a bump on his forehead that is kind of horn-ish). So, actually the Angry Unicorn stamp (I bet he wouldn’t be happy to be pink) is some sort of easter egg for both of them, and I like details.

And now I’m going to take a walk and deliver some mail.


8 thoughts on “Artwork Monday: Birthday Card – Artist (+ Postage Stamp)

  1. I love the card. I actually spent quite a while looking at all the tools and candles (and sparklers! Extra points for those) before I read the post. Your friends must love you.

    1. Wow, thanks! :)
      I love sparklers, too, they are like little fireworks, but less expensive, less noisy and one can write and draw with them.

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