10 Adorables in June


  1. Namesake, a wonderful webcomic by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton about the adventures of people with the awesome ability to go down the rabbit hole, the yellow brick road and through the wardrobe… I love Isabelle’s style (here’s her deviantArt, by the way) – and of course I like Megan’s story, too -, and I’m especially in love with the cover art of Alice’s Journey.
  2. Spice Market, New York, or better yet: the interior of this restaurant as featured by Destination Luxury. Just look at those colours, those shapes! Their whole oriental style is just so inspiring!
  3. Aux Champs-Élysées by Joe Dassin. Qui, that 70s song (just don’t look at the video, it’s horrible!). It’s been stuck in my head for weeks! I even looked up the chords and annoyed my father to hell and back strumming away on his piano when I stayed over at his place a week or two ago. But then again, it makes me want to wear bell bottom jeans and striped T-shirts, and it makes me smile, so I don’t actually care about the cheesiness.
  4. This Smoke Detector in bird shape (Charles & Marie) I found via The Dainty Squid. If I needed one I’d love one like this.
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch reading John Keats. A voice like a jaguar hiding in a cello isn’t such a bad description after all.
  6. Kalakotkas, an Estonian webcam project keeping record of the breeding of an Osprey couple. I’ve watched them through the last few months, and now the little ones are finally there!
  7. Polaroid Project. A free application for people without a smartphone and therefore without instagram who like the look of not-so-technically-advanced photos nevertheless (like me).
  8. Théophile Steinlen, creator of what is probably the most famous cabaret poster ever. He also created other  beautiful advertisements, and I always wish my room had a few walls more so I could pin up some Steinlen prints in here.
  9. Things that match in colour. The fabric in the picture above is one from the recent Tilda collection and was a gift from my aunt (I’ve got no idea what to make from it yet, though, it really has to be something special) and the nail polish is essence‘s Happy from the Snow White line. Somehow I’ve grown rather fond of this rich kind of yellow lately.
  10. Wilde Imagination Steampunk BJDs. Ellowyne was interesting enough, but the Steampunk collection is really great. I especially like the Airship Escape outfit, non-sepia Steampunk clothes are always such a treat.

2 thoughts on “10 Adorables in June

  1. “Aux Champs-Élysées” haben wir früher in Französisch gelernt… (*aux chams-élysées durumdurumdurumdumm*)
    Und habe ich schon mal gesagt, wie inspirierend ich deinen Blog finde?

    1. Danke, ich freu’ mich, wenn ich andere Leute inspirieren kann (und ich gebe das Kompliment direkt zurück). Das ist, als würde ich dem Internet ein bisschen was von der Inspiration, die ich kriege, zurückgeben. Klingt wirr, aber ist so.

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