The June Projects – Results

As June is to be over in a few hours, this is my résumé list for the five projects I had planned out for this month.

  1. – circle skirt with stencil border: No. First I noticed that the fabric I had in mind was already cut up for another project and couldn’t find the same colour when I went shopping for some more, and then I spent the rest of the month pondering about the right motif for another colour.
  2. – a bag of some kind: No. Mainly because I couldn’t find thread in the same colour as the leather. I’m still working on that.
  3. – white underskirt: Yes. Considering that this only required two seams (already ruffled underskirt fabric is one of the greatest inventions of all time) it’s not a big achievement, but when you take in account that I’m really, really bad at putting myself together to do something at all, it’s a good thing anyway. And you can see it here.
  4. – Batman t-shirt: Yes. I just hope it’s bright enough for black light (it doesn’t look like it on the picture, I know, but it’s actually more of a fluorescent-neon-kind-of-yellow, I swear). ^^
  5. – summer semester 2012 time table: Yes. I finished it just today and am really happy about the result. [Edit: you can see it here]

Result: 3/5


2 thoughts on “The June Projects – Results

    1. Das T-Shirt ist gestencilt, mehrere Schichten weiß, dann neongelb. Für die Vorlage hab ich hier Papier genommen, für kompliziertere Sachen benutze ich normalerweise Overheadfolie. Zum Befestigen nehme ich generell Sprüh-Montagekleber.
      Und: Danke. :)

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