Artwork Monday: Summer Timetable 2012

Click on the picture to go to the larger deviantArt version.


I really like how this timetable turned out. My favourite parts are:

– The moon bunny on Monday. I think I’ll need a T-shirt with this motif.
– The cast bust representing my Greek Portraits class. I tried to make him look a little like Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock.
– The towel that stands for Iconographics of Roman Art class. At first I wasn’t happy with the writing at all, so I added the ink “stains” which brought the whole thing sort of together.
– Also, the clothes line is a new way of putting in another height level that I really like. Hanging things is a way of storing I love anyway.

I also am very happy about the continuity I kept with the other timetables. There are several elements I repeated, about ten or so with each of the prior ones, sometimes with some little variations. Can you find some of them?


3 thoughts on “Artwork Monday: Summer Timetable 2012

  1. in all deinen plänen, die bisherveröffentlicht wurden, fehlt der achttag. der tag, an dem du all die dinge tun kannst, für die an den traditionellen tagen einfach kein platz oder keine zeit ist. lange ausschlafen und trotzdem rechtzeitig in die uni kommen, oder. oder.. oder…

    was machen deine umlandserkundungspläne?

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