Favourite Words in July ’12


  • shenanigans. I was about to write what a summerly word this is, but refrained when I realised that I mainly associate the word with a certain feeling and surrounding that is connected to period dramas. Why? Henry Tilney, that’s why.
  • psychopompos [ψυχοπομπóς]. I’m always telling Jules that Psychopomp would be the best name for a pug ever, but it doesn’t match his plans to name the rest of his yet-to-become army of fat little dogs after French royalty, so I’m keeping that option myself should I ever get a cuddly, short-haired kind of dog myself.
  • hippopotamus. How can one not like this word?
  • embellishment. Contains “bell”, therefore is wonderful. It practically rings.
  • entourage. I just like it. It sounds like something with cartwheels. Or a bit like cartwheels on a dry countryside road between hay fields in the sun.

Any thoughts?

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