8 Ways To Feel Good When You’re Sick

rather spontaneous illustration by me.


I’m sick. Horridly so. I’ve used up a bazillion tissues, my head aches, I had to skip my cafeteria date on Thursday and I’m so weak I could barely go outside for ten minutes to get my groceries yesterday. That’s not even half of it, but the worst thing is that Scoundrel went for an extra long weekend (more like a short week) with Weirdboy just when it started.
But I’ve got an advantage. I’m good at being sick. I’ve got experience.

So, while I sneeze and lament and drink my tea and lie in bed I’m setting up a list for you with things I usually do to feel a bit better when I’m not well.

  1. Paint your nails. The odds are that you won’t wear any make-up (it’s not so good for your skin, anyway, when it’s already strained from the war your body wages against illness), but you have at least the opportunity to have prettily coloured nails. You see them more often than your face, anyway.
  2. Use the nicest scarf you have. Don’t stay in your sleepwear all day, but try to think of nicer cardigans or nightgowns or old-fashioned cotton flannel pyjamas. I’ve got a wonderful house dress Lilibeth made and gave me for my birthday two years ago, but I’ll definitely need more of these.
  3. Have a bath. Everything is better when you have a bath. Make sure to shower first so the bath itself is for recreation only. There are special blends of bath salts and oils for cases of cold, but if you don’t have them at hand or don’t want them, just use your favourite additive or a couple of tea bags. Camomile is an especially good choice when you’re ill, and inhaling the scented steam is something you can do even if you don’t have a bath tub.
  4. Watch feel-good movies. Drama is just unnerving when you’re stressed. I highly recommend everything by Pixar, Northanger Abbey from 2007 or British comedy films from the 90s, such as Notting Hill or Four Weddings and a Funeral (they are a little less loud than their American counterparts and therefore less inclined to make your head ache more).
  5. Tie your hair back and up with a pretty ribbon or scarf. It’s good to have it out of your neck (especially when you’re feverish and sweat more than usual) and it won’t turn as easily into unwanted dreadlocks when you’re leaning against pillows or lie around all day. Plus, it looks good.
  6. Have lots of fresh fruit. My grandmother used to cut up apples for me when I was sick as a child, and added clementines and oranges in winter. But, basically, eat whatever you like. Should you crave for chocolate chip cookies, eat chocolate chip cookies. If you want pizza, have pizza. If it really feels right it’ll probably help.
  7. Build a pillow fort. Or just pile up all the pillows you can find, throw a blanket over them and have the most comfy back-rest ever.
  8. Craft. There are several small kinds of craft you can do while sitting in bed without making a mess such as cross-stitch (or every other form of embroidery), crochet or origami.

And, of course, the usual: Drink a lot (herbal infusions are best, unsweetened juices are good, too. NO COFFEE!), don’t smoke (and tell smokers around you to stop for the time of your recovery or at least to smoke outside), get a lot of fresh air (open the window or wrap yourself up in a blanket and go outside to sit in the garden if you’re lucky enough to have one, if it’s not too chilly outside), have hot water bottles if convenient and take as much medication as necessary and as little as possible. But you probably know all this already and are as sick of hearing it as I am.

And most important: Get well soon!


5 thoughts on “8 Ways To Feel Good When You’re Sick

  1. Arme Hedgefairy!
    Ich hasse kranksein. Am liebsten bin ich dann alleine und rolle mich in meinem Bett zusammen. Oh, und Serien gucken geht auch immer gut! Die gehen nicht so lange und man kann immer gut eine Folge gucken, ne Runde schlafen, die nächste Folge gucken und so weiter.
    Gute Besserung!

  2. Die Liste ist so süß!
    Ich werde mich das nächste Mal, wenn ich krank bin, an sie erinnern, sie durchlesen und versuchen, ihre Punkte zu befolgen.

    Dir wünsche ich aber erst mal gute Besserung! *kakaomach*

  3. geht es dir inzwischen besser? ich wünsche es dir…
    es gibt viel zu viel zu tun diesen sommer! listen abarbeiten, freizeit geniessen, gesund sein und viele tolle sachen machen…
    ich zum beispiel ziehe an de einzig heißen tagen des sommers um. dumme idee. bei 30°c zimmer zu streichen, fußleisten anzunageln, comic-stencils-für-die-toilettenwände-vorbereiten, mehrere tonnen (gefühlt) bücher schleppen: einfach großartig!

    viel erfolg beim fortsetzen deiner projekte!

    1. Danke. Ich bereite mich grade noch extrem kurzfristig auf Mythodea vor… Super, wenn man zehn Tage vor Beginn des Cons noch eine Karte angeboten bekommt und seine komplette Gewandung irgendwann entsorgt hat.
      Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg (und noch mehr Helfer) beim Umzug. Ihr schafft das schon. :)

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