Projects for August

I’m back from my short trip to another world. I also brought back souvenirs, but that’s for another post.
I really thought I wrote a results-for-July posts before I went that also said that I was actually gone for five days from last Wednesday, but most obviously I didn’t. In consequence to my short-notice leaving for my first LARP since 2008 I didn’t finish any of my projects from July except the dress – which was very different from what I expected (I wanted a light summer’s dress and ended up with the folklore-inspired gown for my new character!). So that’s my resumé for July, and here’s my list for August:

  1. – lightweight shopping bag – organisable and pretty
  2. – apron
  3. – sailor collar top
  4. – print the red circle skirt
  5. – black corduroy skirt – I’ve got to start planning for Autumn

2 thoughts on “Projects for August

  1. hey wie sieht bei deinen augustplänen mit zeit für einen kaffee im mensa-bistro am 8.8. um 12.30 uhr aus?

    1. Sorry, hatte ich nicht gelesen… um 12:30 war ich schon wieder die Welt retten. Diesmal nicht Mythodea, sondern Golarion. Hast du nächste Woche mal Zeit?

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