10 Things I Love in August


  1. Fawn & Doll, a tumblr. by Anya.
  2. Infusers. There are such cute ones out there! Here’s a list of nice designs, I especially like the Yellow Submarine. I myself use one that is pretty much a spoon with a perforated lid (like the one in the list, but older, opening to the side and monogrammed) which is perfect for my half-litre tea cups.
  3. The View from (and of) the Rooftops of Marburg.
  4. Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream. I like mine with a healthy dose of black coffee.
  5. Northanger Abbey. This is definitely my favourite Jane Austen novel. Sadly it is most often overlooked in favour of Pride and Prejudice (well, every other book by Jane Austen shares this sad fate, I guess) despite having a far more nicer hero and being a hilarious parody of gothic novels. There also is a wonderful short TV adaption filmed in 2007, with a sweetly innocent Catherine Morland, played by Felicity Jones, Carey Mulligan as Isabella Thorpe and an incomparably ironic, handsome Henry Tilney, portrayed by J. J. Feild. If you can’t tell by now: I loved the adaption. It’s exactly the right thing to watch on a nice, warm summer’s evening outside or during a rainy day curled up on your favourite armchair with a big pot of hot chocolate.
  6. I Will Survive by The Puppini Sisters. I was always indifferent about the original song, but I love this cover version. And of course I love the look of those three girls.
  7. Felt Animals by Hiltja. Aren’t they amazing?
  8. Dry clothes. After five days of camping and damp clothes one learns to cherish these kind of things.
  9. Discworld Audio Books read by Stephen Briggs.
  10. Crystal Balls. I got mine from my mother when I was nine or ten years old.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love in August

  1. Ich liebe deinen Block und die verschiedenen Kategorien, die jeden Monat wieder auftauchen. Vor allem diese ♥
    Ich glaub, das Buch werd ich mir für den Urlaub zulegen. Mein letztes Jane Austen Buch war Mansfield Park. Wobei mich die Fanny schon manchmal genervt hat. Danke für den Tip!

    1. Das freut mich. Wirklich. :)
      Mansfield Park muss ich noch lesen (danach kann ich da auch qualifiziert meinen Senf zu geben). Und überhaupt sollte ich mir das Gesamtwerk von Jane Austen endlich mal für zu Hause zulegen.

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