Discworld Swap: The Black Cat of Nanny Ogg

As I have been asked eagerly already, here’s part two of my Discworld craft swap posts: What I got.

I had been wishing for a bag I could use for university, a spacious one with an adjustable shoulder strap. I had also brought in the idea of Greebo, Nanny Ogg’s huge, scarred, awesome cat in the style of Théophile Steinlen’s famous Le Chat Noir poster.

And because Caro who had drawn my name from the hat is awesome, I got both. And tea and a chocolate éclair, because she invited me to tea.

The bag is huge (and comfy to carry). I can easily fit my folders, pencil-case, a water bottle, a bento box and a book or two in there, it has one big and one small compartment and a really small one in the lining for my keys (which I always have to dig around for when I need them). And of course it has a really, really great print.

And have I mentioned that the lining is yellow gingham? That’s so pretty, and useful too when I’m searching for things.

Complete with Art Noveau name stencil and cute button detail.

But that’s not the end of it. Knowing of my addiction to everything artsy, crafty and Art Noveau Caro also gave me the linocut sheets she used to make the front print so that I could make my own Greebo Noveau items whenever I want to (I sense at least one t-shirt coming up…)!

And of course there were goodies, too, sweets and a great certificate tag:

And do you remember my last giveaway? The one with the floral buttons? Caro told me back then that she had some wrapping paper that made her think of me, and now she included it into the swap gift. I’m already thinking about projects involving these prints.

This is one of the most thoughtful, beautiful, useful (!) and awesome swap gifts I ever received. Thanks again, darling!


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