One Week of Breakfast II

Remember Part I? This one is more like “Six Days of Breakfast and One Coffee” as I went to the Shire last week and completely forgot to take pictures except of said coffee.


caramelised-almond-flavoured rooibos tea, full-grain bread with Grana Padano and honey, respectively


lemongrass-flavoured green tea, nectarines, onigiri with fillings of takuan and pickled mushrooms


boiled eggs with toast soldiers, lemongrass-flavoured green tea


pancakes with butter-and-cocoa filling, hot cocoa


rose hip tea, yoghurt, nectarines, pikelets


leftovers-that-have-to-be-used-before-I-leave breakfast: yoghurt with nectarine slices, lemongrass-flavoured green tea, toast with peanut butter and salami, respectively


the aforementioned coffee: grain coffee


4 thoughts on “One Week of Breakfast II

    1. Blogging about it sure helps… most of the time it isn’t that varied, but of course I want it to look nice when I blog about it, that’s basically killing two birds with one stone for me, a new post and better breakfast. ^^

  1. Allein das Lesen von deinen Frühstücksposts sorgt bei mir für Wohlbefinden: Die Leckereien sind nicht nur jedes Mal erfrischend außergewöhnlich – gewöhnlich, sondern auch hübsch angerichtet und photographiert!

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