23 is a nice Number

23 was my number when I wrote my final exams back in school. 23 is the number of conspiracy theorists. 23 (and one and a half day) is the number of years that I’ve lived this life to date.

birthday breakfast with fresh lemon balm tea from the secret garden

I’m not so great at birthday recaps, but I had a really nice afternoon with two of my best friends, the latest episode of Downton Abbey (season 3 is finally airing!) with my fellow fangirl, someone dropping by to give me a book that they wanted me to read (I’d invited you in for tea if I hadn’t been so baffled by your showing up, sorry! By the way, the nail polish didn’t make it.), which is probably the most effective way to get me to read something anyway, baking, dinner with Scoundrel who came down from his internship especially for this evening, the sweetest and most surprising congratulation on facebook and the most awesome present ever.

I got myself flowers. I actually don’t like getting flowers, except it’s something very spontaneous and not bought. I’m not a big fan of flower shops, too. These are from the Secret Garden, pink roses (there’s another bud behind the blooming one) and more lemon balm. Oh, and my room is still a bit under construction decorationwise.

As for the baking, these are chocolate cupcakes (that are still to be perfected. I forgot the baking powder. Yes, genius that is me, but they were pretty tasty anyway.) with sweet cestnut and chocolate buttercream. I love buttercream.

The parcel my mother and grandmother sent me just arrived in time. They actually had already given me something bigger that had been sent directly to my place but they also wanted me to have something to unwrap. The things above are from my mother and her boyfriend (guyfriend? gentlemanfriend?) who added the magic lamp-like oil flakon to the gift. I think I’ve still got some rose oil to fill in there. The candles are something I get every year from my mother, it’s a really dear tradition. I never light them, though, I always forget about them on special occasions and they are far to precious to simply keep my tea warm.

The shawl was a present from my grandmother, the finest, softest wool I’ve ever felt.

These are the big present my Shire family gave me for my birthday: The perfect boots. Martens Triumph with Union Jack lining. I’ve been drooling after them for such a long time, and now I finally have them, just in time for the cold part of the year. I just love the colour, the feel of the leather under my finger tips, the satin lacing, the details. Somewhat Steampunk, somewhat doll-ish, somewhat kick-ass. The perfect boots for me.

But if you thought these were the most awesome present ever you’re wrong. That one came from my father who personally showed up to hand it to me. That one…

… was this. A Faber-Castell Polychromos set with all 120 colours that they provide. It is awesome. I used to buy one colour at a time some times back in school when I really wanted to reward myself for something, but that’s no comparison to this beauty.

I could spend hours just looking. And reading the names of these colours. The picture above shows one of my favourite palettes at the moment (definitely including the yellows) and the colours that Jules generally refers to als “Hedgefairy red”. Did I mention I think I might have the best father I could ever imagine?

I didn’t show pictures of these, but I also got gift certificates for an outfit (from Jules) that I’ll write about more when it’s done, and three of my favourite ice creams from the cafeteria (from aforementioned Lady of the Lake). As I greatly believe in giving oneself gifts, I got me new brushes and the latest issue of Ottobre, but more about that another day.

I hope you had a great time, too, birthday or not. ♥


5 thoughts on “23 is a nice Number

  1. Alles Gute nachträglich!

    Da ich auch zur Kategorie “one Polychromo in a time” zähle, wäre ich bei dem Polychromo Set wohl in Ohnmacht gefallen. ^^
    Tolle Geschenke!

    1. Danke!
      Naja, ich wusste schon, dass das kommt, weil es im Grunde abgesprochen war (inzwischen gehen meine Eltern da lieber keine Risiken mehr ein). Als Überraschung hätte es mich natürlich noch mehr umgehauen. ^^

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