Interludium: I Took This One Because Of The Design

Lovely Zelde from Indigobirds was so nice to give me my second blog award, thanks! In her post presenting the two awards she got from other bloggers she said I could pick either of them, and this one definitely won me over with the cute logo design. It so retro without the lines and the shades of pink and cogwheel-ish shape and the texture!

Along with the award come eleven questions asked by Zelde:

1. How did you come up with your blog name?
Actually I answer this question on my “Ego” page, but as probably not everyone reads that kind of abouts I’ll tell you: Hedgefairy is the English translation of the German word Heckenfee, which is a sort-of translation of the Old High German word hagazussa,hag meaning hedge or fence (this word is actually quite out of style but still in use: Brambly Hedge for example is called Brombeerhag in German) and ~zussa probably coming from Germanic or Norse tysja or Lithuanian dvasia, describing a faerie or spirit being respectively. Another interpretation calls for ~zussa to be (roughly) translated to sitting.
Either way, I thought that Hedgefairy was quite a nice word, rather catchy. Also, and how I stumbled upon this word in the first place, hagazussa is believed to be the origin of the German word Hexe – meaning witch. I think people would rather link me to the traditional image of a (good) witch than to the image of a fairy, but I like both as both are part of me, my believes and my personality, and I liked the two things being actually so close. Also, I’m a big fan of Cicely M. Barker’s Flower Fairies, especially the autumn ones, so that sort of made a good match, too.
I’m a pretty mercurial person when it comes to names usually (which is very unfortunate when someone firmly believes in the right to choose ones own name as I do, but more on that another time), but Hedgefairy got stuck in my head. When I decided to start writing this blog I needed a name, and at that point it didn’t really take any pondering to choose the one I’m still going by.

2. What’s the first community you joined on the internet?
I think it was a board for the members of our pupil’s magazine back in 8th or 9th grade. As someone who was some sort of a net native late bloomer (read: regular internet-at-home access when I moved to my father’s place at the age of 17 or 18) this wasn’t really something I used so often.
My more active times started with Natron & Soda, the most awesome German alternative DIY community ever and still my second home on the Aetherweb, and Garden of Shadows, a Sims 2 & 3-based community that I’m not active in anymore due to the fact that my current laptop can’t run the game.

3.What are you currently reading?
I’m currently reading the fifth book of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Death Masks. Also, I have book six already waiting for me, and there’s a copy of The Little White Horse on my bedside table that I can’t wait to start reading. Yes, M., Fool On The Hill is lingering on my desk in all its yellow front page glory and yes, I will read it before uni starts again.
The problem with reading is that I mostly do it on trains or busses or while waiting for those horrible bureaucracy things to happen that just happen to happen. That’s not so very often. Maybe I should travel more.

4. Do you wear silly socks?
Huh. Define “silly”. I like striped socks a lot, but most of the time it is hard to find any socks at all. I always hang them to dry and then they simply keep vanishing. I had a pair of Union Jack ones several years ago, but then there was an accident with one of them and something new and red in the washer and then there was the bleaching attempt… I guess those were my last silly socks. Also, they are made of polyester most of the time and I prefer as much cotton and wool as I can possibly get. I guess that’s not really an answer.

5. Are you a list person?
Yes. Definitely. Even though I’ve neglected my listography account I’m a person who always has to have lists. A lot of my friends are amused by this obsession of mine as I seldom make realistic ones, except maybe my “to do today” lists. Maybe.
But I love lists, and I love ticking them off. Actually I think most of my “usable paper for scribbles and sketches and stuff like that” stack gets used up for lists of some sort…

6. Do you have an unusual hobby?
I practise non-asian martial arts which strikes a lot of people as unusual (seemingly most people don’t recognise that boxing and fencing also count as martial arts and are both European. Not that I’d train in any of these – yet -, but they are fairly popular in contrast to the ones I do train in and still people don’t really see them as what they are). I love DIY in every form, which is getting less unusual as you read this – it’s sort of trending at the moment, so I’m not sure if it really counts. I try to draw and write comics which might be a bit more unusual than just plain drawing. And I’m a passive (read: non-contributing but I wouldn’t want to live without them) troper.

7. Salt or Sugar?
If we’re talking about the kind one can buy in packages at the supermarket, I’d take salt. Archaeologically and historically viewed it is the far more expensive and prestigious material leading to great wealth for communities mining – and therefore providing – it. It is easy to find another ingredients to substitute sugar (honey, for example, or fruit), but salt is something that’s hard to replace in a recipe, especially when it comes to preservation.
Also, there’s the symbolic meaning of salt, warding off evil spirits and misfortune in general, protecting corpses during their wake, destroying the value of the soil, being given at housewarmings or finding use in cleansing or purifying traditions and rites.
In terms of my daily diet I wouldn’t like to do without any of them, but not necessarily together.

8.What is your best trick to get yourself out of a bad mood?
I must admit that I most of the time succumb to my bad moods, but usually nutrition helps (as I tend to forget about eating), as well as a bit of fresh air. Also, any episode of Bryan Fuller’s most distinctive dramedies might be a big help, they just make me feel warm and happy.

9. What is your favourite place in the world?
Windowsills broad enough to sit on. Cafés and tea houses with mismatched outworn tables, sofas and chairs. The bookbinding workshop of my old school. Old staircases.

10. Do you eat a lot of salad?
More than most people I know, I think, but then again most of my friends are students who need their food fast and stuffing. I’d like to eat more, though, it might be a nice challenge to come up with new variations and I should still have this one recipe somewhere with that French pear-and-walnut salad…

11. Do you have a secret trick to productivity?
Starting as early as possible in the morning and having an (unintentional, in most cases) internet breakdown.


The rules of this award demand for it to be given to 11 other people with a new set of 11 questions. I really tried but couldn’t possibly come up with that many questions or people to award at the moment, so I fear this will be a dead-end for this award. This might not be too bad, anyway, they have to stop at some point, I think.

Thanks again for the lovely (and well-designed ♥) award, and I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my muddleheaded, scatterbrained (I liked both words so much, please pardon the redundancy) way of answering questions.


Any thoughts?

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