10 Things I Love in September

  1. The Vintage Fabric Sculptures of Mister Finch. I just love the mushrooms, they would look great in my room.
  2. Having my room back! I lived between boxes for nearly a month and slept on a guest futon in my flatmate’s room while he was away. Not only did one night in my own bed fix my back again (guest futons aren’t all that healthy) but also did I learn to appreciate my little chamber once again.
  3. Mason Jars. I keep seeing them on various crafting blogs and deco pages, and I have always loved preserving jars, they have this neat, old-fashioned-yet-playful look. Maybe I’ll try making a jar soap dispenser some time, it really looks neat. And should I ever get hold of a jr with a separate ring and lid you can bet it’ll end up as a pincushion
  4. The Lace Medallion tutorial from howdidyoumakethis.com.
  5. Jules is moving here in October! This is going to be so awesome!
  6. Wonderfalls, a (far too short-lived) 2008 TV series from the creator of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. I got the recommendation from a friend and it was just one of these hit the spot shows. Bryan Fuller has a way of making shows with bizarre storylines and cranky characters and this great retro-but-somehow-contemporary-no-even-timeless look that work like soul hot chocolate. Also, the opening theme is pretty catchy.
  7. The smell of log fires. I don’t know why it took me so long to put this on one of my “things I love most” lists. Someplace near our house there is someone using wood to heat their house and when I lean out of my window on a cold morning when daylight isn’t quite there yet I can smell it. It makes me feel incredibly much at home.
  8. Fairy Lights. My mother used to have them around the kitchen window most of the year and I also remember a time when my door was framed by a set of the colourful kind.
  9. Having Friends Over for jam sessions and lots of tea out of unsophisticated mugs and my (t)rusty old enamel coffee pot.
  10. Montmaray, the tumblr of Skye of Lost Princess and Princess Portal (I really do miss it) fame.

11 thoughts on “10 Things I Love in September

  1. Ich wollte dir übrigens schon seit Längerem ein Lob für dieses Format aussprechen. Du schaffst es immer wieder, kleiner Perlen hier vorzustellen. Danke für’s Teilen.

  2. wünschendireinensupersonnigensonntagmittagnachmittagundabendgefülltmitleckeremessenundspannendenfrühherbstfundenschöndassdirwonderfallsgefälltundduandere daranteilhabenlässt

      1. schlafmangel… zu viel arbeit, zu wenig schlaf… | gerne, wenn du mit kleinen wuselnden menschen klar kommst… diese woche?

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