There’s a first time for everything – EuroSteamCon ’12

Just yesterday the very first EuroSteamCon ended. Marburg actually had the only “official” (read: listed) German event, but we all hope there will be more next year. The concept is fairly new to Europe where it is far more complicated to host gigantic conventions like in the USA albeit the distances are actually not as far in comparison.
Anyway, we had a nice picnic (everyone had expected the weather to be worse so nearly no-one was prepared to actually have the planned picnic, but we managed) – about fifteen Steampunks from all over Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia – and later went to the upper town for coffee and food that was not muffins.

Muffins I made. That’s spice-and-orange-plus-honey-oatmeal and cocoa-walnut-plus-honey-oatmeal.

You can have a look at everything that happened on the live blog (via Clockworker):

Day 1

Day 2

Sadly I only took a few pictures, and none of them are really presentable, I’m sorry.

Aaand yesterday during the meet-up I also got my copy of THIS:

This is sort of the German pendant to the Steampunk Bible – well, maybe the little sibling – written by the chief editors of the Clockworker and Daily Steampunk, respectively. It’s a nice summary of Steampunk activities, labels and backgrounds of the international and, more detailed, the German linguistic areas, and I had the honour of being one of the non-professional lectors.

I also had the honour of drawing this little fellow as an illustration of the Captain’s Steampunk boson theory. That’s so awesome, something I scribbled ended up in a real, printed book!

Did any of you attend a Steampunk convention, LARP or meet-up lately?


7 thoughts on “There’s a first time for everything – EuroSteamCon ’12

  1. off topic, aber da ich über den clockworker-link gestolpert bin, passt es vielleicht ja doch: ich bin auf jeden fall dafür, dass “rufus” als comic-figur in erscheinung tritt… kann sich noch jmd an die ähnlichkeit der telefonzellenzeitreise mit der tardis-zelle erinnern?

      1. Oh Gott. Das war ein Dr. Who-Witz? O.O *facepalm*
        Den Film hab’ ich ewig nicht mehr gesehen.

        Ich bin einverstanden. Klingelt mich raus.

  2. hey spontane arztbesuche mit kleinen menschen am morgigen morgen lassen kaffee zu einer ungewissheit werden… geh mal lieber nicht von einem besuch aus… blöde erkältung! wie sieht es am wochenende bei dir aus?

      1. ja. heute vormittag klingt gut. wir machen uns gleich irgendwann für den langen abstieg in die niederungen des grünen bereit und klingeln, wenn wir unten sind…

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