10 Things I Love in October

  1. Tiny Thimble Flower Pots like the ones in this post from small world land.
  2. This adorable comic strip from Magical Game Time.
  3. Silly putty. I just bought some, and I love it. The colour is calles “super scarab”, by the way, and I don’t think a photograph could picture it adequately.
  4. The Brave Art Book. I bought it when I was in Bonn visiting the Pixar exhibit with Carou and two other friends of mine (here’s Carou’s post about it). You might remember that I loved the film incredibly much, and the concept art isn’t less wonderful in every way (although I’d have appreciated more insight to the character creation, the whys and wherefores of certain – all right, all – design decisions, but maybe that’s a bit too special to put into a more generally written piece). And actually, I didn’t know that even Mike Mignola was involved, that’s so awesome! I’m really looking forward to the DVD release, I can’t wait for the extra extra material.
  5. Dapper Dudes, a tumblr. (mostly) about and (not only) for Steampunks of male sex and/ or gender.
  6. The schedule for the new semester. It’s rather full and busy, but I have such interesting classes as History of Animation and a brand new minor, so stay tuned for a post or two about these budding adventures.
  7. Framed Pumpkins, a tutorial by Ashley from She Makes a Home. I might try this for my own Jack O’Lantern this year.
  8. Our Campus’ Concert Hall. Our part of campus was built in the late 1920s, and the concert hall is styled in then-all-the-rage Art Déco in a small and rather simple but no less appealing way – no regal gold (only a bit of brass for the seat number plates) and saturated colours here, only eggshell white walls, dark, old wood and blueberry-coloured curtains. It’s beautiful.
  9. The Smell of real Leather. I always smile when I open my pencil case.
  10. Collectible Tea Tins by David’s Tea. I love that retro design, and pumpkin chai just sounds delicious.

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