Committing To A New Format

This was the last chance to show off my holiday decorations, so I took it.

I’m lost without my daily diary. Completely. I went insane when the new year had already begun and I had no book to write down my appointments. Let alone birthdays and silly holidays. Or quotes.

My planner is important. Really important. During the last three years I’ve always been using the same design in different colours, the slim format ones from paperblanks.
2013 is the first year with a new format. I wanted to try something else, as the usual design was a repeat and I already had one that look that way. Because I actually keep my old calendars.


It’s always a bit hard letting go of the old year’s planner – there are so many quotes and words and book recommendations in there, and birthdays and notes and other things. One quote actually made it to the first page of the new one, together with one all-time favourite and another one I found just today, but more on that another time.


I needed two days just to find the right format, but finally I found something to my liking – yes, paperblanks, again. But smaller. And in an 18 months format, which would be great if the additional six months were for 2014, not 2012. Who buys a calendar in June? Anyway, I’ll be making good use of that extra space, and you should have seen my face when I scribbled down my first notes for this year. Like a junkie who finally got their stuff.


The sticker is something I still had at home, patiently waiting for its day to come. Well, today was the day, and I like it. Also, it fit into the frame rather nicely.

I can’t be the only one so fixated. Are you this attached to your planners, too?


4 thoughts on “Committing To A New Format

  1. Hihi. I’m maybe not that fixated but a calendar is very important for me too. A pocket calendar and a wall calendar too! Both. Without them, I’d be lost. I was very panicky when I realized due to stress and sickness and being busy I hadn’t bought a wall calendar for 2013….. I can’t function without!!
    Luckily my grandma gave me a beautiful one with butterflies for Sylvester and I also found out I had bought a family planner early in September and completly forgot about it XD

  2. Noch ein Paperblanks-Junkie. :) Früher kaufte ich immer die günstigen Kalender für 4, 5 €, bis ich dann die von Paperblanks entdeckt habe. Bei mir wurde es für 2013 die “Tiger Lily” aus der Mucha-Reihe. Einfach weil Mucha unglaublich toll und inspirierend ist. Ich nutze meinen Kalender zwar nicht so kreativ wie du es tust, aber ohne könnte ich wohl nicht leben. Übrigens gefällt mir der Sticker auf dem Einband sehr gut!

  3. Actually I spent last year completely without a personal calendar.
    There was a lot of chance, with me moving flats, and jobs and the like … and somehow I just didn’t buy one. And I worked.

    This year albeit I’m going to buy one again. Because I found one with cats in it.

  4. I love Paperblanks! :3 more than their calendars I like their notebooks – I have many of them, more than I could ever use probably XD I used some Paperblanks calendar, but last year I had the A5 calendar by “Prinz Apfel” and a wall calendar with Pippi Langstrumpf illustrations. This year I have a personal calendar from “Eine Der Guten” (and I love it!) and a wall calendar called “Arche Kinder Kalender” with a new poem every week :3

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