10 Things I Love In January



  1. Carouskel, a print from spoonflower. I think I like the milk tea and the emerald versions best.
  2. Dumb Ways To Die. I’m a bit late with posting this as the video has been around a while now, but it’s just so lovely (and maybe not all of you know it yet).
  3. Glittery Tights. I never had tights this sturdy! The blue pair already survived the flying sparks on New Year’s Eve, and the gold one didn’t get a scratch from my hard landings during ice skating (you can’t say the same about my knees, albeit the deep purple was rather pretty…). Plus, they’re pretty.
  4. Advice for Self-Timer Photos from Delightfully Tacky. I had a conversation with Liz of milktea bliss recently about how awkward it feels to shoot these, but I think the tips in this post are quite helpful.
  5. DIY Firefly Jars. There’s a great tutorial over at The Briar Rose Blog, this looks so dreamy! And it’s more animal friendly than actual Fireflies, too.
  6. Monster High Customs, a tumblr about exactly that. They look so awesome, some day I’ve got to try and make a mod myself.
  7. Pinterest. Yes, it got me, too. It’s just a bit more accessible and better organised for inspirational pictures and links than “one folder to save them all”. If you want to, you can find me here.
  8. Snow Again! We thought winter would never come back, but finally the streets are white again and I can make use of my scarves and mittens. We even had a field trip into the snowy woods lately. Lovely.
  9. Moccasins. I’ve been seeing them over and over again on several blogs I read lately, and somehow they stuck with me. I’m pretty much in love with these Minnetonkas at the moment.
  10. A Sense Of Structure: Steampunk Fashion Rules, an article by G. D. Falksen. While I am against strict rules in any way of personal expression, Falksen says explicitly that these “rules” apply to no one except those who want to follow them (see “rules are more like guidelines anyway”). Also, they encourage the reader to actually do whatever they want.

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