A little bit late, but still quite a lot

(This would also count as an Artwork Monday, if it were Monday at all.)
I’ve been busy. You might have noticed.
I’ve been doing a surprising lot for university, for my musical theatre workshop and making arts and crafts.

One of the biggest things I’ve made in January is this:



A blogging schedule. I didn’t want to print out some boring thing again, so I thought I’d draw my own one. Well, it proved so extensive that the first month is already over, shame, I love how the banner and the squirrel turned out (maybe next year I’ll decide to jump at a monster project like this a bit earlier than three days to New Year’s).




 I guess it’s one of the time-consuming illustration projects I’ve ever had, but the experience I gained and the outcome are definitely worth it.




If you’d like your own version, you can download the pictures full size at my deviantArt account (don’t wonder, I haven’t given up my new old one again, I just felt like having my online portfolio extra). The schedule printed quite okay on our laser printer, I can’t state anything about inkjets, though.
I’d really be honoured if some of you would use it, too!

And there are some more details on my new artist blog (another part of project “online portfolio”) here.


2 thoughts on “A little bit late, but still quite a lot

  1. OH MY GODDESS! So so so beautiful ♥ I think I need to bring a blogging schedule into my life to have an excuse to bring this beauties into my life. Thank you for sharing! Awwwww…. ♥

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