On Campus: Skulls & Oddities















I’ve been lucky enough to be in fine arts for my minor subject this semester, and I loved it. We’ve got a great, whimsical collection of stuff for drawing and painting, and I’m always amazed by the things one can find by going through the old cupboards in this building.


2 thoughts on “On Campus: Skulls & Oddities

  1. hey out there in the snowy white. i just got an idea what you could do in your wonderfull sparetime between the semesters:
    draw all the pictures for a story for neil gaiman:
    and in case you already got other plans like designing your flat, learning french or staying in bed for two month, imagine all the possibilities you’ll have, when your drawings are published with a story of neil ;-)

    1. Wonderful spare time would be nice if uni didn’t force me to cram for French for the better time of the holidays and hand in at least five paintings, four drawings and a full sketchbook. I guess I’ll have a look at it, though… ;)

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