Favourite Words in February


  • – innenschön. Noun, German. Hard to translate (it’d be “insidepretty”, but that just doesn’t have the same feeling to it) this word has its origin at Natron’s. It describes a minor detail on the inside of a piece of clothing that only reveals its beauty to the wearer.
  • – fantabulous. Adjective, English. Something to describe Jules’ style goal.
  • – enthrall. Verb, English. Beautiful, but a bit looming.
  • – monoceros. Noun, Greek. Also the name of a constellation, the unicorn.
  • – myrtille. Noun, French. Blueberries, and also a good name for a pet.

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On a different notice: I completely missed my blog anniversary. That’s four years of Teaparties & Fairytales now. Wow. Thanks for still reading, you are lovely!
Also, the move to the new flat is going quite well, I’ll keep you updated a bit more often now – I had absolutely no idea where my card reader was lately, so I bought a new one yesterday when I was out to get an electric kettle. Now this is finally starting to feel like home.
Last but not least, today’s the 200th anniversary of the publication of the Brothers Grimm’s first fairy tale collection. Happy Birthday, Kinder- und Hausmärchen!


2 thoughts on “Favourite Words in February

  1. Awww, das Innenschön hat es in deine Liste geschafft. Ich freu mich! :D
    Ich mag diese Rubrik übrigens echt gerne, wollte ich an dieser Stelle auch mal gesagt haben :)

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