10 Things I Love in February



  1. The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. It must be so exciting finding something like this.
  2. Karma Chakhs. Such a great project! Sadly it’s already over, but I wanted to share it anyway. (Hat Tip goes to Lilibeth for pointing it out.)
  3. Winterreise’s Cover Version of Trollhammaren. I still like the original by Finntroll a lot, but this folksy version is so lighthearted  and lovely and made me realise again how pretty the melody behind the song actually is (never mind the lyrics, which are not lighthearted at all). It sounds just like I imagine the soundtrack to a Finnish fairytale (which the song is, somehow).
  4. My new home, of course.
  5. KurageHime. Princess Jellyfish is such an adorable anime, it’s not even funny anymore. I love Kuranosuke, he’s just plain awesome. Sadly there are only eleven episodes, but those are definitely worth watching.
  6. The Reward, a Bachelor thesis film project from Denmark. My eyes really got watery towards the end, and Scoundrel and Weirdboy instantaneously decided they had to go on adventures as “sword guy” and “wizardly guy” respectively after they saw the video.
  7. The AntiCraft, an online craft magazine on hiatus. Some of their archive projects are a little bit too macabre for me, but I really like the tutorials for things like this crochet maiden’s glory wreath, these socks or the Elephant Elephant doll.
  8. Even more Snow. Snow makes everything better. It’s a blanket that makes everything look nice and tidy and beautiful, and it muffles every sound. It’s melting away at the moment, but while it lasted, it was the best snow ever with even the streets completely covered in white when I walked home from Jules’ last weekend in the middle of the night.
  9. Holidays! Finally! I’ll be quite busy rehearsing for our musical project, learning French and painting and drawing, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time.
  10. You. Yes, exactly, you. For reading this blog. Thank you so much! I’m always taken aback and flattered about your interest in my ramblings and little bits of life that I shared over the last four years and still share. You are lovely. ♥

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Love in February

  1. Die Trollhammaren-Version ist wirklich klasse. Ich war beim Anklicken ziemlich skeptisch, aber du hast recht, die Melodie kommt da sehr schön rüber (und “Trollhammaren!” kann man ja trotzdem noch reinrufen :D). Danke fürs Teilen!

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