Emotional Detox



“Emotional Detox” is the name of a tea I bought yesterday and exactly what I needed yesterday evening. There’s been a lot of ruckus lately – the move, uni, our upcoming soirée this weekend, musical rehearsals and other stuff – that’ been burning me out lately. I’ve bottled things up a lot, trying not to hurt anyone in the process. Which is not the best idea I’ve ever had.

When I poured my first cup of tea last night I decided that I had to get an emotional detox right now. So I watched some feelgood anime, painted my nails with glitter – glitter is one of these things that always make me happy – …



… and got me some soul food. Basmati rice with shrimps and shalotts (and herbal salt and lemon juice, but never mind). Simple but awesome.



My detox might not be finished yet, but it’s definitely a start. What do you do when you’re completely stressed out?


2 thoughts on “Emotional Detox

  1. hey
    ich gehe hier entlang, schreie, atme, grummle, schmiede fürchterliche rachepläne, und fluche, wenn es mir schlecht geht. wenn es mir gut geht, ich aber trotzdem gestresst bin, kann es vorkommen, dass ich den hang hinunterkugle im achttag verschwinde und das kleine tier an der quelle mit fragen löchere, die es aber nie beantwortet… probier es aus… aber erst ab ende nächster woche, sonst stresst dichdas auch noch…

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