2013 Wardrobe Resolutions


While I have more than enough resolutions to live up to with my Daring Deeds, one bleak, boring, rainy day in late December I decided to make wardrobe resolutions. Why not. And now, one bleak, snowy, frozen-over day in March, I finally have found the time to share them with you.

  1. Sailor Collars. I love sailor collars. But is there a way to wear one and not look like wearing a Sailor Moon costume? I’m going to find out (hopefully). Which requires more of them in my closet.
  2. Skeleton Leggings. I think they might be nice for sports, and I’ve somewhat grown fond of leggings again (the first phase was back when my age had just one number) when worn underneath something else.
  3. More Dresses. Dresses are great. I only have to pick a pair of tights to go with it, throw on the dress of the day and I’m ready to go. And it always looks tidy. Lovely.
  4. Flannel Shirts. I got my first very own flannel (instead of inheriting them from some relatives when I was little) from my father for my 12th birthday. I started wearing his when I outgrew them, and now I’ve given his last one back. The only shirt I’ve left is one previously owned by my grandfather, a very pretty one with a herringbone pattern. What I need again, though, are lumber jack flannels, heavy, tartan affairs that are a few numbers too large (probably only to finally try one of Natron’s shirt alteration projects).
  5. Tabi Shoes. I like them, somehow, and I think they’ll go really well with my harem pants. Plus, they would make a great addition to the city nomad-traveller / eco-alternative badass / “globetrotter’s daughter” part of my wardrobe.

It’s not that I don’t have other resolutions, though, but it’s the usual stuff like “lose weight” and “sew more” and “procrastinate less”. I thought sharing my wardrobe resolutions with you might be a little bit more fun for either of us.

Also, due to moving and the new year, I cleaned out my closet (literally) and found it utterly, depressingly boring. I’ve got to change this as soon as my sewing machine in set up in the new place. Until then I guess I’ll just have to find a shopping date with Jules.

3 thoughts on “2013 Wardrobe Resolutions

  1. Brilliant! I am definitely going to do this!! I simply have no excuse not to make myself more clothes but I find I get stuck because I can think/like/want so much… a resolution list is the answer! Thank you xxx

  2. von diesen Tabi Dingern hab ich ja noch nie gehört – sind aber irgendwie witzig :D
    Und ich freu mich auf deine Matrosenkragenkombinationsmöglichkeitenjetzfälltmirnichtsmehreinumdaswortnochlängerzumachen!

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