10 Things I Love in March



  1. Natsume Yuujinchou. Natsume’s Book of Friends is one of my favourite anime to watch at the moment. The Japanese have a way of serene that I haven’t found in other narrative cultures yet. Natsume is a very calm example without being utterly boring (it has its occasional action scenes and comic relief), plus it has youkai and Shintō mythology (which I both like).
  2. Tartan Dresses. Natron makes one at the moment, and Mara from Fashion Fairytales & Sewing Secrets wears them all the time. I finally need one myself.
  3. My Window Sill. I love sitting there, drinking tea, listening to classical radio. I can also watch the sun set from here, it’s beautiful.
  4. Elements – Experiments in Character Design. See the main page of the project here and the rest of these awesome designs here on imgur. I’m especially in love with Neon, Vanadium,  Strontium and Cadmium, but to name all my favourites would be to much for this list.
  5. Skullery, an Etsy shop with – surprise – a skull theme, mostly bird and rodent ones. I especially like these sparrow skull earrings and of course  I’m a big fan of crow skulls (especially since I’m living in a town where crows are the most-seen birds of all), but the dove necklace looks really interesting, too.
  6. Leaves Art by Susanna Bauer. While I couldn’t keep one of these mori-esque pieces at my place I can imagine them perfectly in a minimalist home like my father’s (whose only decor in his wooden-floored, white, high-ceiling livingroom is a rope full of adder stones and a small Buddha head statuette made from stone he brought back from India – I love his sense of interior design). I especially love the Trans-Plants and the Doileaf.
  7. Fable & Fury on etsy. Their silhouette jewelery is marvellous, all of it, and they even have rose hip themed necklaces (also in red. How awesome is that?).
  8. Felt Paper Plane Mobile. This idea is incredibly cute. I wouldn’t know where to hang it at my place without the theme being a little bit too random for the continuity freak within, but I still think it’s adorable.
  9. Zen Pencils. Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks. Actually, there’s nothing to add. Make sure you read each and every one of them, they are both beautifully chosen and drawn.
  10. I finally got my DELF A1 today! You can’t imagine how gigantic my relief was when the professor told my I’d passed the test, and even better than A1. I’m really looking forward to my French lessons next semester!

Any thoughts?

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